The follow instructions will help you craft a miniature backpack for your Microbit that you can attach to a stuffed animal.

It will take about 25 minutes to construct.

Sewing Materials


  1. Cut felt sheet to 17cm x 7.5 cm.
    Mark 3cm from the top and bottom of the sheet in pencil. This will later be used to create openings for your drawstring.

  1. Fold the sheet in half length-wise.

  1. Below your marking 3cm from the top of the sheet, create a top stitch down both the left and right sides. [video on top stitching]

  1. Take your elastic band, place it over the top flap (either side is fine) and fold the top flap in half.

Then top-stitch the top flap so that the elastic is secured.

  1. Turn the backpack over and top-stitch the other top flap without inserting an elastic band.

  2. Now cut your shoestring into two equal-length pieces of 30cm.

  3. Use a safety pin and run the sharp edge through one piece of the shoestring. You'll use the safety pin to make it easier to thread the string through the drawstring pouch opening.

  1. Insert the safety pin into the pouch opening and run until it comes out the other end. Then thread it through the opposite side of the pouch. Afterward, both free ends of the string should be on the same side of the pouch. Then tie a knot using the two openings to create one half of the drawstring.

  1. Repeat steps 7-8 with your second string but inserting the string on the opposite end of the pouch.

  1. Now you should be able to insert your Microbit & Mi:Power module into the pouch and secure it to a stuffed animal using the elastic band


Can you come up with any ideas for how to customize the pack's design for your specific plush toy? Feel free to decorate with your own design.